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Ballroom Dance Fitness DVD

A 2-hour DVD teaching beginners 6 dances for fun and easy weight loss exercise at home. Ballroom Dance Fitness, Inc. enters the Ballroom Dance, Exercise, Health Fitness industry with enthusiasm and confidence that it will produce popular fitness DVDs and create a presence globally as a fitness option that encourages instructors to become certified to teach “Fun Exercise.”

Ballroom Dance Fitness offers 6 dances on one DVD. Strategically, the DVD series will be promoted as a 70% savings when compared to individual purchase. At $19,95, six DVDs would cost $119.95. As a series, we offer all 6 dances on one DVD for $39.95.

Plaza Ballroom & Event Centre, LLC

Features two ballrooms totaling 18,000 sq. ft. that hosts one of Florida’s largest “floating dance floors“ designed for the dance enthusiasts who love Ballroom or Club style dancing. Seating 300 and 150 dancers, this facility can be used as an Event Center for weddings and private parties. Available for private parties, weddings, and social and corporate events. As a dancer or an event participant, you'll enjoy our convenient location, flexible hours, and free parking. An experienced and service-oriented Event Team will provide assistance to make any event an extra special occasion.


Our principal line of business is an exercise DVD teaching viewers 6 ballroom dances that enforces 6-10 minutes of repetitive steps, imprinting dance steps into muscle memory while participants lose weight.

We own two Ballroom Dance Studios, for 300 dancers on South Florida’s largest floor (2,400 sq. ft.) and an additional 150 dancers on the adjacent dance floor (1,500 sq. ft.). The studios total 18,000 sq. ft. and feature snacks, beer, wine and seating for 300 & 150 guests respectively.

Ballroom Dance Competitions featuring professional judges, with winning dancers receiving cash and prizes. BDF will operate 3 competitions in Florida in the next year and our goal is to expand to 1-2 additional destinations each year.


Management Team

Bill has 39 years’ experience as CEO & Chairman of private & public companies. 19 years of this has been spent operating public companies along with the SEC.

Sean’s 14 years of dance experience includes teaching for the studios of Fred Astaire and Arthur Murray. Sean created his Dance Fitness routine for fun weight loss and exercise that also teaches dance steps.

Tif has18 year’s experience as a Marketing Executive including sales and management skills. Accomplished in food sensitivity testing in weight loss clinics.Worked with Touchtone Productions, UK-MEPG Technology.

Contact Mary Tiffany: 561-305-9811 or Sean Forhan: 561-666-0076 for more info

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